Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Water power!

We have hit the bad weather.....the boat is jumping around and everyone is clinging on to grab rails as they walk! It was inevitable at some stage that I would miss the size and stability of the Cunard Queens!

On a tour of Faroe yesterday we saw wonderful sights of great fiords with huge cliffs where ever we went. The rain gives very many waterfalls down the cliffs and as they reach the bottom their energy is harnessed to provide electricity for the islanders...this small country is using one of their natural resources in a unique way! They have some wind generators too but I saw no solar installations.

The salmon streams were decorated with bright blue strips of plastic to deter the birds from swooping on the leaping salmon. It was all both interesting and picturesque.

It was chilly and the islanders told us that they didn't have summer as we know it. We speculated on what it would be like in the winter. The dress shops told their own story....everything was very heavy wool!

The sheep outnumber the humans. The first settlers were Irish monks seeking to spread Christianity and they had brought the sheep with them in their coracles...the mind boggled!

Later the monks died off....clearly they had no women with them...but the the sheep survived and were thriving when the Vikings arrived...

There are no big trees on the island. Attempts to grow some in gardens fail because there's not enough soil to support them. We visited a wood turning workshop....small bowls and lampshades were being made by a very interesting man. I bought a lovely little bowl made from sycamore....They took my euros gladly!

It's a strange but beautiful landscape on Torshaven and I'm very glad to have seen it!

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