Friday, 28 August 2015


Yesterday we got the news that dozens of people had died in a big lorry in their attempt to migrate to Europe.

We see tragedy acted out daily in the rescues from the sea . Thousands of people have drowned as their ships sink. Heroic rescues happen daily...and so do the screams of anger at the thought that we are being invaded by these people.

Britain is a small island. We are cut off from mainland Europe by the North Sea and therefor safe. Now feeling threatened we are finding some unlikely figures screaming hatred daily...I get very worried by the posters from far right groups like Britain First that turn up on Facebook put there by people I know and love.

Add to the present immigration problems the threat from IS and no one could fail to be aware of the fear and tension rising daily. Never have the words "No man is an island." been more relevant.

Does anyone think that these people are setting off to cross the sea in ramshackle boats without fear.

They are retreating from war torn Syria and other places that have become impossible to live in through no fault of theirs...

The hope of finding a new place to live and love and raise their families safely is stronger than the fear that drives them into desperate attempts to escape.

This is a global tragedy. We didn't cause it but we are suffering its consequences and making good people anxious. But the bottom line is that these people are human beings who are just like us....they love their children, they want to feel safe and are looking a safe haven.

Many are also Christians...fleeing from the savagery around them. Can we not show them some love, some care, some fellow feeling? I understand the fears and anxieties of those who live near the the East coast...the determination to maintain our own borders..but what is missing from many of the words spoken is charity...Christian charity...

We are being tested I think...our fear that this country may never be the same again is real for us all but we do also have to find charity in our hearts..." Love your neighbour as yourselves " These migrants are not yet our neighbours but they would like to be......we shut the door in their faces at our own peril!

Don't all scream at once!


  1. The sad fact is that we're taking far less than our fair share of thee poor people. There will be no defence for our inaction or inertia and avoidance tactics when judgement comes. Did we greet the stranger, did we clothe the naked, did we console the sick, did we visit the prisoners and the answer will be a resounding no

    We need to open our hearts and minds and wallets to provide shelter, care and hope for these people, but also get a grip of the situation(s) that are causing them to run away from.

    It's not about fighting an unjust war this time around, it's about preserving the freedom and dignity of some of the oldest nations, being brought to their knees by violent insurgency.

    1. Well said Earnie....I just don't know if all out war would bring the results we want!