Thursday, 13 August 2015


Since coming home after a very good two weeks away I have been busy every day! The drama with the car took up most of last week. The good weather has meant that the two men engaged in painting my house have been here most days .

Today we have the forecast of a day of rain...the last day of painting will have to wait till Friday. This means It's going be the first morning of being completely alone.

Whilst I welcome this in many ways in another I am wondering what to do with myself....this is a rare condition. There are plenty of things claiming my attention but for the last few weeks there have always been people to talk to, to make coffe for, to plan with ..until today!

I am not sad.....I am coming out of the grieving process but everyday interaction with people has been a big part of this....

It has been a great pleasure to watch a true craftsman at work...the bits of my house that are finished have been transformed. It is now looking like a proper Cornish farmhouse with many variations on the original simple whitewash job it has had in the past...

I have also enjoyed chatting as we go along...

Despite the weather forecast the gardener will arrive this afternoon.

Any attempts at sending him home in the past have failed....He keeps several weather proof coats in his car and just changes them as he goes. I will sit with him in the summerhouse over a cup of tea this afternoon as he keeps me up to scratch with everything local.

I have started to realise that I need to chat at least once every day ......and I am enjoying the conversations enormously.

At the moment there is only a small drizzle to contend with but I am ready to batten down the hatches later!

There are many people to visit, beaches to walk, gardens to admire. The summers end is approaching. And I can say and mean it..I am happy! Thank you God.

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  1. I'm so glad you are beginning to find some sort of routine again, and like you, I think the need to talk to someone every day is a very real part of that.
    Since I lost John I've turned myself inside out and these days make a point of talking to almost everyone I meet including other bus passengers, people in shops, the postman anyone.
    Not great serious conversations just a few pleasant words. It amazes me how easily people respond once the ice is broken.
    Human beings are social animals and even would-be hermits come out of their shells with only a very little encouragement.
    I find every encounter adds brightness to my day and if there is one really reluctant or unfriendly individual I keep the conversation to the basic civilities and we both get what we need.