Sunday, 9 August 2015

Early communion

We had a big congregation at the 8am service this morning......lots of holiday visitors of course but a fair number of regulars as well.

Many arrive in full sailing gear during August....ready to slip their anchors and away!

The odd dog also arrives in church as well as the regulars who prefer to come early to the BCP service. Traditionally there is no preaching at this service...the whole reason for coming out at that time is to get off to a very early start! Time and tide wait for no man!

This morning though no one wanted to rush off....knots of visitors greeted old friends, everyone was brought up to date with the village news and I came home very much later than usual...

A couple of regulars who are now unable to get to the church without help occasionally call in here instead. My house is on the main road and I have my own communion kit...two of this mornings congregation say they will call in if they are unable to make it during the next busy doesn't have to be Sunday!

For a few months after David died I really didn't want visitors...I needed time on my own but now I'm glad to greet any one. Even the odd passing stranger is a welcome distraction...

If the recent cruise has taught me anything it is the value of talking.....having a natter with the odd passing visitor can make my day! Taking communion is not obligatory!

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