Thursday, 6 August 2015

Golden summer!

The countryside is looking very Autumnal! Golden fields surround me! Apples are ripening on the is very reminiscent of late summer August holidays with my children and dogs as we made the most of weeks before we had to go back to school......

Cornwall is very beautiful at all times and the colours of late summer are vivid and wonderful but we seem to have got here very quickly this year!

The house painting is proceeding and it is looking very smart now!

I have old friends on holiday here as always and they are dropping in because I have still no car! Arghhhhh!

I have taken the view that nagging the garage is clearly not working so I am trying to relax.... But this is difficult when I have various commitments that I can't delay, one of which is seeing the doctor about the skin cancer...

I came home from a very good holiday feeling wonderful but the frustrations here this week have asserted a very different mindset!

In the longer scheme of things I am still very fortunate..I do know this but the frustration this week has shown me how much I rely on communication....both digital and actual!

I can't pray for a car....but I can pray it gets home before the weekend...Or I may have to prepare for a long walk to church! But at least the glorious colours of late summer would soothe my senses as I go!



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