Friday, 28 August 2015


Ok. Admission time. I am now the fairly proud owner of an apple watch!

This terrified me to begin with and still has tendencies along those lines. But remembering the same terror when I first got my iPhone1 I am persevering because all went so well that I'm now up to iPhone 6.

There seemed no good reason to buy an apple watch...I have all the devices known to man littered about the house but having seen one or two on my travels I finally gave in...and having survived the first day I am actually getting to grips with it! It is logical. The problem is that Apples logic is different from mine!

I have changed the clock face to a series of flowers that open as I watch whilst they tell me the date and's very pretty ( sorry to be so girly )

I have a long way to go before I master all its features and I really didn't need it....who wants to know about every email or tweet that arrives? But it will be useful when I'm travelling as will the 4G on the phone....Plus wearing a piece of high tech jewellery has its own joys!

Amongst all its functions like weather forecasts, the FT index and a map giving my present position it also gives me my heart beat per minute and having googled it I seem to be in pretty good nick! There is danger here...I must not check it every day...nor will I take advantage of all the fitness programs...there lies another form of danger....

I'm afraid I have become an Apple Geek in my old age...which is bad but not as bad as some things I will not mention!


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  1. Day two of having an apple watch has been seriously weird...I am on a very steep learning curve...

    Some of its tricks I am learning from all the help given by Apple ....

    Some it I am finding out for myself..and these are the weird bits.

    I lost it for a little while and a quick look in every room failed to find it so I did what I always do. I rang myself on the land line.

    My wrist rang. The watch will mirror what the phone is doing. I put the landline down having switched it off and found the mobile phone easily. Then I looked at the watch. A new message had appeared. It was from David.

    It invited me to ring back so I did. It was a message not from the dead but from my old phone!

    This gave me a very odd feeling... It went back to a shopping trip about two years ago as he told me where he was parked and waiting for me!

    Needless to say this threw me .