Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Apple Watch ?

The Apple Watch is weird...but I am getting the hang of wearing something I don't really need but which does unexpected things when I am least expecting them!

It took me a week to get to grips with the nitty gritty...the actualities of what it's suppose to be for....but I think I'm there now!

I have customised the watch face to girly. When I lift my wrist to see what time it is, a beautiful flower enfolds under the time and date! ...I'm still a big girl at heart...

And the rest is also can pick and chose what you want to appear and what you really don't the notice that comes up every hour to prompt me to stand up.....that was one of the first to go!

I am using the activity thingy though and I suspect that Apple has put in a feel good factor because every day or so it tells me how well I'm doing and rewards me with a pretty picture!

It gives me notifications from Facebook and email appears will play music, even audio books can be listened to via the watch but that's defnately a step too far!

I find the daily changes, stocks and share prices, my heart rate, my diary and my current geographical position all available at the touch of a finger. will be fascinating to see what it makes of the next cruise!

I am not yet comfy with Siri. The voice that addresses me as Sian and frequently tells me that he hasn't caught what I've said.... Having a disembodied voice emerging from my iPad is weird have it also on my wrist is a technology too far....yet!

Me and the watch are getting along quite nicely's not the same as having my husband about but it is an ever present gadget that fills in the odd gap! Naturally I include it in some of my conversations....and sometimes it answers back!


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