Sunday, 20 September 2015

Eating out!

I was invited out last night by two friends whose company I really enjoy. We went to eat at an open air cafe overlooking one of my favourite beaches.

It was simply wonderful....

In the old days the small wooden hut used to only open for a few weeks in the season to sell drinks and ice cream. A very enterprising man, seeing its potential took on the job of enlarging it, providing tables and chairs and produces amazing food daily!

Feast nights are a feature and they really are feasts. Last time I went they gave me far more than I could eat so the dogs did very well that night. Last night I asked for a much smaller portion and the Moroccan lamb dish was amazing, served to about a hundred people...sitting on a bluff top looking out to sea in company with lots of old friends...

Topped off with a truly wicked hot chocolate I chatted happily with people I haven't seen for years!

The idea of eating outside, looking out at the sea glowing red in the setting sun delighted us all. Top marks to the entropeneur.

We went home as the light dimmed...the nights really are drawing in now and I have caught up with all the gossip over several villages and they have caught up with me!

Thank God for old friends.


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