Monday, 28 September 2015


When I applied to be a lay reader twelve years ago a very determined woman, one of the first wave of female priests to be ordained recommended me to the bishop.
He decided that I was to be ordained and because I was well over 60 I need not start formal training. Instead he gave me Julia for a year. I followed her around for the year before I was deaconed and she taught me everything I needed to know about running a parish...
During that year we became friends and whilst I was a curate she helped me through several knotty problems. She preached at my priesting.
She also married us! Our rector here was on long term sick leave and Julia was pressed into action yet again.
The night before the wedding she arrived at my house....we had both done Evensong and it was quite late...
"Any champagne in the fridge?" There was....more than one bottle.....
The next morning we travelled to the lovely ancient church her car.
We have been friends ever since.
She was a loyal, strong woman who I loved and my world is emptier this morning. She died on Saturday night and yesterday at the Cathedral we held silence for her...
She was at least fifteen years younger than me and I am once again this morning muttering against the unfairness of losing yet another of my loved ones...May she rest in peace and rise in out heaven...


  1. Sorry to hear of your friend Julia's passing. She sounds to be a very feisty lady of strong faith and a great friend and supporter of you through thick and thin.

    Unfortunately, we either lose those we love, or they lose us .

    RIP Julia.

  2. Sometimes we lose those completely unexpectedly, who have been an inspiration to us. I've not been in that position yet, but I'm sure that it will happen soon - I'm getting older and they're mostly, already ahead of me in years. Than again, only God knows these things - I pray that they all continue to have long and fruitful lives.