Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Foot Pain....

During my walk on Saturday I banged my foot hard on a stile. It hurt but only for a moment or two . I looked at it closely....there were no marks of any kind.... I went on walking....I had got away with that one...or so I thought!
Since then it has kept me awake for three nights running!
There's nothing to see...no bruise or cut or anything...just a foot...
During the day it's fine...it's getting me from a to b with no problems or twinges!
At night though it wakes up and fights back! It sends a pulse through the foot which at first was not painful. But it is now! As I snuggle down I have no trouble going to sleep...but an hour or so later it wakes me up with a quick kick. As the night plays out the kicks get stronger...
I have tried massage...it hurts. I have put ointment on it. It hurts. During the night the pain increases until I take a pain killer which helps but not enough to allow sleep...
Last night I eventually dropped off about six in the morning so it was late when I woke up much later than usual.
This is the third night...but during the day I don't feel a thing....my foot does what it was designed for..it keeps me upright with only a minute electric shock type pain occasionally ..
During last night I almost bought some shoes, looked the new seasons clothes and finished Go Set a Watchman....it could become addictive...
There I've taken up a whole blog of moaning.... Go away now pain....you've had your hour of glory!


  1. Jean, do get the foot looked at. My partner banged her foot a couple of years ago and it seemed alright after a few days, but the bone had been cracked and healed back oddly and now has become arthritic causing constant pain and inability to do much if any of the walking she loves. Worth having it checked out as problems can't always be fixed later!

    1. Gosh....I am sorry to hear that....the problem here is that I am a very long way away from the hospital. But my visitor today used to run a rugby team....I'll consult him...he's good on bones...

  2. I once cracked a bone in my elbow, very painful, but not discovered until I was obliged to go to the doctor and it was scanned. A sling for two weeks sorted it out. Hopefully, your situation will be as simple to resolve - but Doctor/Hospital might be the only option.

  3. I can just see you with your foot in a sling..................that noise is my mind boggling.
    More seriously Jean, you really should not neglect it, cracked bones ain't funny.
    Prayers for your recoveryX

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