Friday, 18 September 2015

Green heating! Again!

I am back in the lala land of my central heating!

Readers of this blog may remember the struggles of two years ago to keep my sick husband warm as he gradually grew weaker day by day.

We had had a "green " solution to mounting oil bills installed. It was called Magna Sweep and involved keeping all the radiators swept clean daily and thus reducing our oil consumption. It never worked well!

David and I believed in finding green solutions to energy...we had installed solar panels on our roof and when the same firm introduced us to the magnetic sweeping system we went for it.

We both believed that the reduction of the use of fossil fuels was vital to combat global warming!

The tiles work wonderfully well. The Magna sweep does not and the company that installed it has disappeared so there is no help coming from there!

So far any attempts at switching it on have failed! I asked a local plumber I trust to service my boiler. They came yesterday and found the same problems we thought we'd solved last year!

Arghhhh! Double arghhhh!

So if any of you out there wishing to go green are approached by Green firms intent on saving the planet, please make enquirers as to how long they have been in business. We suspect that after doing one area they decamp, call,themselves by a different name always with the word "green" in it, to take advantage of those ethically determined to be as green as possible.....

As I once again approach a chilly winter I have time to reflect on these things and my boiler is working well. It's just that the warm water is not at present reaching the radiators! So solutions may bring their own problems I'm afraid!



  1. Hi Jean, Magna sweep sounds like a real Con. The key to reducing heating cost is insulation, insulation, insulation. Look at air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps to provide some background heating - this will reduce the demand on the oil fired system, and with your solar electric should not be too expensive to run. Eliminate all draughts, and fit (if possible) a ventilation system which uses the warm air going out to heat the cold air coming in. Finally, wear thermals. :-) :-) :-)
    For lighting, convent ASAP to LED.

    1. Very helpful Bob. I shall look into those things I understand. Not sure about the thermals

  2. No problem Jean. By the way , 'convent' should read 'convert' :-)
    We all have to do what we can for future generations. Unfortunately, there are still climate change deniers out there. And the Energy / Oil companies have vested interest in keeping is using as much energy / fossil fuels as possible. If you get a chance, visit the 'Centre for Alternative Technology' at Machynlleth in mid Wales
    An eye opener.