Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Happy days?

Today is going to be a test.....hopefully not too severe a test....very deep sigh!

A man I have sailed with countless times over the last forty years has threatened to take me out to sea! I have turned him down several times by reminding him about the flag pole I broke on his boat whilst transferring from a dingy to the cruiser some years ago.....

I explained that in trying to get from a very small boat to a much bigger boat when they are both moving in different directions is the problem. my age I am lacking the dexterity I once had!

He has found a solution...he will put me on a barge and pick me up from there....oh dear!

The reward will be lunch at the Royal Yacht club in Falmouth! He thinks that will ensure me going!

So this morning with a feeling of dread I am searching out the few bits of my old sailing gear not thrown out years ago!

Rolled up trousers...yes....wellies no! The only pair I possess are not nautical. He will be it's worth wearing them. I have still got a range of waterproofs that I used for dog walking...I can do this though I shall have to leave the Apple watch at home!

The only good bit is that if I do fall in I am close enough to swim home....Unlike the near miss I had when going ashore on the Cayman Isles!

See what I mean about the wellies? ,



  1. Oh go on Jean, wear them. Nothing like shaking up other people's opin ions of who you are :-)

  2. They look "VERY you" !! Bright and cheerful ! :-) :-)

  3. It is now very windy out there.....a conversation as to whether it's safe or not has resulted in a great solution....we are going for a walk instead! So you see there is a God!

  4. Yes there is a God and he knew that you had the wind up, so adjusted the wind in your favour.

  5. Replies
    1. I haven't quite mastered the technique of walking on the water yet! Give me time........

  6. Reminds me of a notice at the Service Chaplains Centre. "Padre's are respectfully requested to refrain from walking on the Lake" :)