Friday, 9 October 2015

Blogging for all!

To blog or not to blog...that has really never been the question!

I have always kept a diary. Occasionally I come across an old school exercise book decades old with scribblings still intact!

To publish my ramblings is weird and I'm the first to admit it...but I guess it's addictive nature has taken hold now for good or ill....

I enjoy the interaction with cyber friends enormously's not something I expected to happen...

Every day there are comments posted most of which never get published....the anonymous ones are dealt with by Blogger. I cast an eye over them occasionally but take the view that if you are not willing to put your name on what you write then it's worthless!

This week I have had a new version...a comment from someone with no English.

I can't translate it but I will publish it in case someone out there can! ... Please let me know if it's in any way defamatory!


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