Friday, 23 October 2015


Another day of quiet yesterday but we are presently landing in Spain. I have never been here before. This is Cadiz.
I am off on a tour around Andelusia. I shall enjoy the architecture and the golden streets but as yet it's still dark! I didn't sleep well last night so I finally gave up and went for breakfast at the ungodly hour of half past seven. This proved an excellent time to go I may do it again!
I am not due to get on my coach for another hour so I have more time to blog!
The light is coming now and this is a big city. David used to enjoy watching the docking process and would chuckle if they missed ropes and failed to straighten up well.
I just wait till a disembodied voice tells me the gang planks are open!
I've got my sandals and my hat out. Bring it on!

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