Monday, 26 October 2015

Cruise talk

I had a better day today....most of the people I talk to now already know of my lack of relations so I haven't had to say it all again....

We had a brilliant lecture this morning from John McCarthy....the man who was held captive in Beirut in the eighties. He described the whole process in graphic detail to a packed theatre. People stood around the walls and sat on the's a wonder the whole ship didn't tilt to one side!

He had no self pity, no recriminations at losing years of his life. The applause he got at the end went on for was a wonderful life enhancing talk that we all loved.

Pam Ayres was due to talk later this week but couldn't make it so she has been replaced by Edwina Curry....yet another MP I don't resemble......

Our sea days are over now for a little while. Tomorrow we land in Scicilly. This will be very interesting....

I am making friends nicely now....several people from our table get together for pre dinner drinks which makes for a jolly gathering. Today a man came over to where I was sitting nattering and told me he was from Falmouth, just over the water from where I live, this world gets smaller daily!

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  1. Did you speak to him in Cornish, to see how genuine he is?

    Sounds as if you've nicely settled. Off course, in Sicily, the Mafioso are available for consultation in case you need too adjust any relationships with finality. Just don't own a race horse :)