Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Euphoric !

I had an appointment with the eye man who operated on the wart yesterday !

During the whole episode people volunteered to take me and bring me home but this time I made a decision not to bother any of the previous team who had also taken me and David backwards and forwards during his worst spell. They have been wonderful but it was time for me to get myself there ....

Apart from a huge amount of traffic on the road it was not a problem. The traffic meant that I caught a ferry before the one I had gone for, so I was there early and played solitaire on the iPad . This consultant has never ever been on time....

However he was yesterday!

And I got a clean bill of health! Wart has not given way to son of wart! All is well with my eyes and my skin!

The return home was through leafy lanes, over the Fal and arriving home to find the heating had magically switched on! I am under no illusions... It goes off when the water is heated...but all in all a wonderful feeling of euphoria now engulfs me!

Clear of skin cancer, a warm house. What more could I desire? Thank you God and all who prayed. And I got there under my own steam.....

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