Friday, 9 October 2015

Glory in the garden .

Although Autumn has now settled in I am thoroughly enjoying the garden...the apples and pears have had a wonderful summer and I've managed a couple of fruit pies with the fruit the birds didn't get too first!
The new path was started two years ago and is now an established feature and the moles clearly hate it...I've never had so many hills least twenty , I obviously need a dog, but only a borrowed one... I don't need any more hostages to fortune right now!
I was pleased yesterday afternoon to find the spindles are out in all their bright red glory..
Even better were the pretty cones on the larch fir, my favourite tree since I lived in North Wales...
The cones are tiny but very beautiful....and this tree was just around three feet high when It was put it in eight years ago!
The Autumnal sun suits me better than the intense heat of the summer...I can walk without my big hat on.
I tell myself that I need to get out and walk like I used to with a dog but then I see something in the garden that needs fixing and I just potter...sometimes I sing as I go so I have to be fairly sure that no ones walking the cliff path just the other side is of the could frighten them to death to hear the Magnificat as a disembodied voice on the other side of a Cornish hedge!
I am full aware that I am very lucky in all sorts of ways , not least in having the opportunity  to turn cow pasture into a panoramic fruitful garden!

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