Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hair matters.

When I blog I often follow the injunction found on talk about what's on my mind...this can be very varied. Events in the news, local stuff, old stories from many years ago. Over the years I have tackled many events both personal and spiritual. As I get older I find myself getting introspective as I live my solitary life out in a gloriously beautiful place...
I am not sure this makes for good or interesting blogging. Things happen that I might need to comment on but often would be  all too easy to become very boring.
So having said all that please excuse the rest of this blog. Blokes can turn off now.
What's on my mind this morning is my hair!
I have always had very fine hair possessing no body of its own. The invention of several products to give body to flat hair means that over the years I have always used hair products to put some body into my dull hair.
Over the years I have occasionally tried perming my hair but I've never been happy with the I have learned to rely on various additives either during the washing process or added later.
Inevitably some products become favourites and are relied on to give a bit of body.
So when one of these favourite disappears the hunt starts for a replacement....
Yesterday I tried a new mousse after my old one simply disappeared from the was one bought years ago and never used but I decided to give it a go after finding it lurking in the bathroom cabinet. It was to give body to curly hair. I have never had curly hair...until this morning.....
Looking back at me in the mirror is a strange woman....a woman with curly hair standing on end. Attempts to calm it down have failed so far...
I'll get used to it I expect but I may have to wash my hair again. Flat hair may well be better than curly hair...and that's what is on my mind this morning. Sorry chaps!
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