Thursday, 12 November 2015

Not getting flu!

It's time to go for my flu jab! I put it off before going away but the time has now arrived.....
In the past when I lived in Essex both me and David got flu just in time for Christmas. It became an annual event! We almost expected it eventually.
In our minds we linked it to the Carol service the bank held in the Cathdral every year! All that kissing!
When I was teaching it was a recurring problem too....
But now we have a vaccine so I have no excuse left, I have to go.
Being only too human I have put it off which is silly because it doesn't hurt at all but still......
Last year I also had a pneumonia jab which should still be in place so I am left trying to reconcile the need not to get flu with my reluctance to drive into the village....
I am becoming reclusive when I'm at home. Compare that to the sheer joy of talking to everyone on board various big ships, so now is the moment to admit that I am doing it all again at Christmas!
I booked the Christmas cruise when I got home because people I travelled with are going to be there too! So I really need a flu jab this year! Nothing travels faster on board than a bug!
Hygienic preventative methods are already in hopefully today I will get my flu jab....or tomorrow.
Or next week..... I have become a procrastinator I'm afraid!

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