Thursday, 12 November 2015

Playing with ghosts!

One of the best things about iPads and such like is the number of games it's possible to play! I love all the childish ones as well as the "proper grown up " ones like chess etc.
I don't regard my time as wasted on these games being a firm believer that "use it or lose it" refers to the brain mostly!
I play some of the rubbish games but I particularly love the ones where I am playing real live opponents!
I play Cribbage most early evenings and manage to keep a reasonable score!
Backgammon is another favourite and over the years I've made a lot of friends on Fibs ( First internet backgammon )
I am not now a good enough chess need dedication for that one but my son had many misspent hours on various good chess sites.
On Fibs I would play several games each evening and found that I was much in demand. The same user name kept cropping up and I always managed to beat him! Or her...I was never sure. But the games were good and we enjoyed them.
One night I lost for the first time. The conversation afterwards was riveting.
"Wow mum I finally did it! I beat you! '"
I'd been playing my son without knowing it when he was still in the north. It was an amazing moment.
Now when I play and a new person challenges me I wonder fleetingly if my boy has learned how to do it from the cloud he currently lives on....just the weird imaginings of an unreconstructed optimist who misses her children. At least they have each other up there!
I am reminded that there is another game I also play daily.
Scrabble is actually a several times a day pastime. I play with old friends not seen for years and have collected some new ones en route!
I'm sure it's good for us all!

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