Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sea days!

A day at sea is always good. This time it's especially good after five days on shore.

On Sunday morning there is an interdenominational service in the theatre. This morning was a full house!

I am afraid it wasn't just Christians. It was also people making sure of their seats for the next lecture.

The place was once again packed. This time the lecturer was Edwina Curry who spoke of times gone, colleagues disgraced , eggs not eaten.

She was a very good, well practised speaker. We all enjoyed her! As she is on again tomorrow I may have to go once again to the first lecture to be sure!

After that I am being taken out to lunch! This is not quite as exciting as it might sound!

Diamond Cunard members get one ticket to go and eat in one of the gourmet establishments so two of us from the same table are going together.

It will be much more fun to go as a couple...and he is excellent company, Ahem!

After a very rough sea today we are now passed the Messina straits and no longer have to hold on to the hand rails..

It's been a very good trip!

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