Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Some light appearing.

Relief best describes my feelings today! There are still problems to solve but things are definately looking up!

My electricity supply is not going off for the day....according to a letter received yesterday!

The wind has dropped at last!

The electrician arriving yesterday evening, gave me a big hug and found the reason for my badly performing central heating system! A new valve has been sent for.

Light is now appearing at the end of the very long tunnel. We are not there yet....but hopefully by the time the weather turns really cold I should have a functioning warm home again!

My car started in the midst of the worst weather yesterday so I took it for a trip around the villages. In a week boats have been hauled out of the water with remarkable rapidity...yesterday I saw a man in a rib being thrown from side to side whilst he struggled to release a mooring line...the seas in these parts were very heavy indeed...but beautiful to look at from behind glass!

Hearing the news is different...there seems no good news anywhere... But here at home in rural Cornwall I am still in touch with various people I met on cruises as well as my local friends.....

Winter proper is just around the corner now but I feel better able to cope with it after yesterday. Thank you God!



  1. What a relief for you to have a functioning warm home again and a car that runs.

  2. Life has its ups and downs.
    Climbing the ups can sometimes be difficult, but the view from the top can be amazing and worth the effort.
    The downs can either be frightening or exhilarating.
    The whole of life is a rollercoaster; we can't get off till the end,via we might as well enjoy it.

    Remember, for every two steps life takes you back, your efforts can move you forward three :-) :-)
    NEVER give up.

  3. With regard to the light at the end of the tunnel, make sure you take steps to ensure that the action of others doesn't turn it off!!!

  4. Living alone brings all its own problems, and like you I somethimes think 'What now"
    i have been nearly a year alone and although I have wonderful support from my family I wonder if I am doinf the right thing living alone in a large bungalow.
    i decided right from the start of this solo trip not to make any major decisions for a year. But I am still no nearer decided what I want to do and where I want to live.

  5. Looking through the tunnel for the light describes life for many of us - and we find it quite often.