Saturday, 21 November 2015

Winter wardrobe!

It's the time in the year when we all have to start to reorganise our wardrobes again....
The very mild Autumn has kept me in light weight clothing....piling on extra cardigans as the house got colder!
This week though I've started to sort through the polo neck sweaters and the woolly pants!
Oddly wearing the dog collar contributes. I have a nice warm neck when this is in place....
My main problem are as always my legs! I hate wearing tights...this makes people laugh but it is true!
So last year I experimented with knee socks! I have some very pretty versions which I did wear mostly on days when I was not going to leave the house! The sight of a doddery old woman with pink flowered legs is not guaranteed to bring anything other than roars of laughter!
Tomorrow rising early for the first communion I may well have a darker version under my alb...
Going out....trying to look dressy is the main problem and I do still have the nylon variety in my wardrobe though they are mostly only worn when I'm away!
Yesterday, meeting two old friends in the village they told me that at a recent meeting they had been told that I would not be here for Christmas. When asked where I would be apparently my incumbent said something like ,
"No prizes for guessing....she will be on a big boat somewhere...that's all I know."
All true. So some of my summer clothes will not be put away. They will be needed hopefully during the Christmas cruise! Can't see me taking me taking my flowery knee socks away though!

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