Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blessed Christmas!

I am blogging though who on earth would want to read my meanderings on Christmas morning seems a mystery right now!

I finally got to the supper table last night to find a couple of old friends that was alright! One of them had hurt his leg during the day so after supper we all just went to the nearest bar where we drank too much with great merriment! This is a big improvement on last year!

This morning, Christmas morning I have a choice of services . I will go to the interdenominational one taken by the lady captain, Inger! I shall need a big hanky!

The rest of the day is yet to be determined ! Food is largely irrelevant!

The sea is flat. On my balcony I feel the warm wind blowing....Alleluia!

So far it's all been good so I wish a Merry and blessed Christmas to anyone who happens across these words... ...The peace of the Christchild be yours today!



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PixieMum said...

A calm and peaceful Christmas to you! Thank you for for your interesting blog throughout the year.