Thursday, 17 December 2015

Global or local warming?

Strange weather we are having. I am told that the summer swimmers in the next village are still entering the water every day for a brisk splash! At the same time the first daffodils are up and out, looking gloriously yellow along the hedge rows!

They say that Christmas should be positively balmy this year and as I will be away by that time I am perfectly happy to accept that!

In my garden are roses still in flower, azaleas bloom, catkins have appeared on the hazel tree, and sit well next to camellias. Spring is clearly just around the corner and we seem to have missed out winter completely.

I hear people saying, "If this is global warming I'll have it! " I know what they mean!

I can live without the wind flattening me against my gate all the time but it is a warm wind this year!

All this is in stark contrast to our first Christmas in North Wales when snow fell steadily through Christmas Eve ending in a power cut which lasted until lunch time on Christmas Day. As we climbed the mountain in thick snow we watched a small van approaching with a man to reconnect us and cheered him on his way!

That was a very happy time even though we only ate our Christmas dinner in the evening!

This year unseasonal warmth will bring a very different festive season for many people. I will be on the high seas yet again.. I have opted for companionship again this year....which is just as well as my heating is not yet properly sorted out!

Shall I get home to Cornwall in the Spring?



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