Friday, 4 December 2015

Go away Siri!

And now for something completely differently as my life just gets weirder.....I have now taken a phone call on my iPad....failing to reach my mobile phone I tapped "accept" on the pad and had a whole spoken conversation with someone whilst talking to my ipad......I had no idea this was possible....
At much the same time I found I had a new follower on American in full military uniform idea of rank etc. I just know brass when I see it....
I do very little now on G2. I only post occasionally , usually when I've taken a good picture but the numbers keep going up....
If my life gets any weirder I'm not sure I can cope...are you listening?
No I'm not talking to Siri.....though I admit that a few minutes ago I was trying to find info on the iPad whilst I was on the phone and pressing the wrong button brought me a voice " How can I help you today Jean"
The man I was talking to had never heard of Siri and clearly thought I was fast approaching dementia when I told Siri to go away and then reassured him it wasn't him I was talking to!
Do other people have days like this? If so I think I should be told! Please!

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