Thursday, 3 December 2015

Interesting times.

Woken up to a kelidescope of emotions... We have already dropped the first bombs so we are now at war! I felt just the same way when we bombed Iraq. This is not a party political issue. It is a desperate need not to do too much harm to people!
I see that we are now part of a European coalition...we stand side by side with France and Germany which is in itself a triumph for those of us who grew up in World War Two! ...
We voted by a large majority to do this and watching Hilary Benn speaking with the eloquence reminiscent of his much loved father was a major contribution to this debate .
Bombing seems to inevitably lead us on to fully involved warfare in the shape of troops going in to tidy it all up. One of my friends who contributes regularly to this blog was a soldier in real life! He says it is inevitable and necessary to send in the military.
These are real people. Sent by us to kill other people.
Being at war is a dirty business. From the comfort of our homes in the lead up to a major Christian festival we see appalling violence on our television screens.
I do see the necessity to cut off their oil supply, their access to communication to the Internet, their money supplies. None of this is possible without violence..but my mind sets this alongside the people in their homes being bombed as we were in the last war!
So I'm no longer lotus eating...I am now doing what I do best...I am praying. For us all...those here and those there.
We are doomed to live in interesting times I am afraid!
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