Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Windy eve!

We are still bouncing around! This is the worst so far....I did manage a little breakfast yesterday and then a tiny lunch but by supper time the rolling meant that I failed to turn up to our table. Again !

I have met one person from the last cruise and we joined forces, propping each other up when necessary as we grope our way around the ships bars!

So far every one is in the mood for talking....the weather being the common enemy.

It being Christmas Eve there are activities for the children but well out of way of their grown ups!

We are still not turning into the kinder seas of Portugal and Spain...but we are hoping for calmer sea by lunch time!

My cabin is at the very front of the ship. My friends at the back...walking between the two takes about ten minutes giving time to hold on to the grab rails for dear life!

So far this has been a very different experience from anything I have done before and expected from this one! But it is proving very satisfying in all sorts of different ways providing we can stay upright.



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