Wednesday, 27 January 2016


The news that Apple is not making as much money as they usually do seems to be stirring up several different reactions ranging from shock to delight and all points in between.
Apple has both its critics and its devoted followers.
I once sat with a friend as he dived through his computer looking for various lost items. I was so impressed that I went home and ordered my first MacBook Pro.
The whole Apple thing delighted me then and has continued to do so ever since. I have ordered and enjoyed the first iPhone and every updated one since.
I had the first iPad and rejoiced in its ability to amaze and engross me.
My husband never subscribed to Apple joy....he had first a kindle and then a Nexus tablet which he enjoyed just as much as his MacBook Air.
I have never regretted leaving Windows behind....I love all things Apple in a very unexpected way! At my age it seems slightly weird to be so partisan in my choice of machines.
Google is also on my iPad and indeed runs the program which allows me to blog every day!
I would prefer my chosen electronic heroes to pay their due tax but that apart I am grateful for all of my machines which have made my old age far less lonely and much more creative!
Thank you God!

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