Sunday, 3 January 2016

No shopping

We are in Lisbon. I have been here before and had not planned any excursions. I was going to get into town via the shuttle bus and do some shopping.
Explaining all this last night at my table an American man said
"You won't find shops open. It's a Catholic country! "
I gazed at him thunderstruck. I had lost count of the days of the week and forgotten it was Sunday.
This has thrown my plans completely.
I have presents to buy. How could I have been so stupid?
So here I am looking out on a grey ocean and praying.
I may still go out. The churches will be in full swing.
The important day in their calendar is yet to come. They give each other presents on Epiphany.
That most beautiful day of realisation and joy when the three wise men finally arrive!
My shopping may well give way to Epiphany. So be it.

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