Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Pass the scotch!

Waking in the night with chronic toothache yet again I was glad to think I had an appointment with a dentist today!
The pain killers I took hardly touched the spot and once more I resorted to the whiskey.
Fortunately I only have to drive about five miles today....but it meant that holding the scotch in my mouth to try to ease the pain was then followed by my spitting it out!
In the old days , driving to my friends practice in the midlands from Essex became almost routine...to get a whole series of small problems sorted out!
Now just driving into the village is a daunting prospect .
Growing old is great in many ways but occasionally, like today it's not!
I remember the time when people simply had all their teeth out, finding it easier not to have frequent trips to a dentist.
My father had all his teeth out and my mum contemplated this drastic step as well. False teeth were common even though choosing this option also came with pain as the gums complained about the foreign bodies forced on top of them..small plates to cover unsightly gaps are more common these days..
I am not going down that route obviously. But if some teeth have to go I would be glad to see their departure...
I can't go on using scotch as a pain killer...well.....not for long! Hic!

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Jean Rolt said...

Ok this is I hope the last tooth blog....well I'll try!
Our village dentist has tried very hard. One filling was easy and then we got to the extraction! Only half of it was ready to go....the other half remains in situ. I am not sure where this leaves us because it hurts too much for rational thought....I have to go again tomorrow! This may take more than the odd swig of scotch!

UKViewer said...

Perhaps he plans to cap the broken tooth?

Commiserations as you suffer the perennial horror of dentistry.