Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tasks accumulate.

Getting home was just wonderful! My regular driver was extremely helpful when we arrived and carried my bags upstairs before leaving!
The house was warm. Our local plumber was as good as his word!
I set too straight away to take down all the cards and the little Christmas tree. It was after all Epiphany!
I have slept like a top....what ever a top sleeps like.
Today I must tackle the unpacking and sort out the windswept garden...
Benches over turned, branches off trees, all sit next to glorious Spring flowers it will be a great pleasure to reinstate it's glory!
The rain just bashed against the window , warning me that a spot of gardening might not be the best idea it looked from my warm bed!
The main problem today will inevitably be seeing if the car might start!
I had a lovely cruise, better than anything I was expecting but coming home has been a benediction....for the first time in years I can say and mean it it. I am happy!

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  1. Good. Long may it last.
    It must be a comfort to know you have escaped the Bay of Biscay in one piece.:-)

  2. Welcome home. Pleased that the heating problems appear to have been solved. You may well need it next week.
    Let's hope the car cooperates and presents no problems after its rest :-)

    1. The car actually started first touch! Driving it round the lanes made me realise yet again how beautful this place is!

  3. Good news indeed. The car starting is a bonus. I hope that you continue in your happiness.