Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Back to work!

The process of unpacking is now very familiar! It is also the moment when I vow never to take so much stuff away with me!
The spare bed is full right now!
Yesterday I walked the garden several times noting with joy the camellias now out in full flower and all the other arbiters of Spring!
The day was warm and dry so I got my car moving!
I did my first post holiday wash!
Sainsbury's are bringing the necessities of life this morning!
In other words I am following a well worn routine!
The house is warm.
I am very happy to be home and everything else I need to do can be done in easy stages whilst I get myself ready mentally for what is going to be a very busy weekend!
I have two services on Sunday! One is very early in a far flung village followed by another an hour later in a pretty, small chapel in a tiny fishing village miles away. I must have given my brain a day off when I agreed to do it but I find I am looking forward to getting back to work.
I have been lotus eating for quite a long time now so it's time to get up and smell the coffee!
I am also thanking God that it's not yet Mothering Sunday!

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