Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bad entertainment.

A long way back in my busy life I used to produce plays....sometimes a show, always a Christmas offering in my local small theatre and even in London once we had moved to Essex. I tell you this to explain that I'm not a dumbo when it comes to theatricals!
Here in my hotel a "turn" is put on every night after supper. When I was here with David we just went to bed after dinner and tried to ignore the sounds as we passed them!
On my own last year, not in any sort of mood to be entertained I would hurry past it all and get myself well tucked up to avoid any stray sounds coming my way!
This time I am much more relaxed. So far we have had two decent singers, a very good pianist and a brilliant clarinetist who delighted me last year by playing alfresco at lunch time some days.
Last night was different.
A troupe of young people  danced wearing brightly coloured costumes over very immature bodies. They all looked about 15!
Very quickly I decided that these youngsters were lacking production .There was nothing of beauty in their strange semi acrobatic contortions!
Then it got worse.
A very thin young man in scanty black and orange drapings started to sing.
There was no light and shade . The words were belted out. It was very very loud all the way through. He clearly needed production.
We listened in growing horror...he really shouldn't sing. His voice was very rough and so awful that we tried to leave as quickly as possible.
We eventually got out during a brief lull.
It was the worst "entertainment" I have ever sat through.
On the other hand they clearly needed some direction........

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