Friday, 26 February 2016


When I lived in Essex and was teaching on supply I was asked one day to start with a sixth form double period. The subject was Economics. I cheerfully informed the class that what I knew about this subject could be written on the back of a postage stamp!
This statement still holds true. So I venture into the Brexit debate with some trepidation.
I voted to go into the European Union in the spirit of good neighbourliness. It made sense after two world wars to be friends with our former enemies.
Now I am still holding to that position despite the feeling that sometimes we lose out.
I am currently listening to all the arguments put forward with passion and commitment.
It is certainly a subject that people care about.
My feeling is that I still want to go on with our European partners even though I can see that problems do exist!
I have to admit though that this conviction has much to do with those who advocate leaving .
Boris , Michael Howard, Farage, Gove.. These names just depress me!
If they want to go in one direction then my instinct is to steer off on the opposite path!
I will continue to listen to all the arguments but so far the protagonists for leaving are making me veer away from them!
The infighting though is making for good TV and radio.'s going to be a long Spring!

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