Saturday, 27 February 2016

St Davids day

I am up early to get to a village about twenty miles away. Praise be there is light in the sky! It was pitch black last time I did it!
This returning of the light is for me the most wonderful sign of the return to Spring.
The old ones celebrated this turning of the earth.....I know just how they felt!
Travelling in the dark to celebrate the holy mysteries is a test of faith and I am happy to do it! But this time I welcome the light with gratitude!
The first church is huge and rural about ten miles from the sea. They now have some heating installed, praise be!
The second one is right on the salty brink. A tiny village perched precariously on a cliff which threatens to collapse into the sea every year!
The sight of the huge waves beating up the narrow harbour is always wonderful!
And awe inspiring .
All of this is bringing the dormant Celtic Druid to the fore!
The tiny chapel is shared between the Anglicans and the Methodists. It's our turn this week!

Gosh my earlier euphoria disappeared in the face of road problems!
The first service was only half an hour so I had plenty of time to get to the next theory.,
Large notices informed me that the road was closed.
A friendly native told me I'd be alright...and to go steady! I did just that and found the little chapel had left me a parking space!
After the second service I found that the road really was closed. A burst water pipe was being repaired!  I did find my way by the alternative route but it was not without its moments.....
However the hedgerows are full of daffodils, sweet violet , primroses and lesser celandine....and I had time to look at it's not all bad news!
Alleluia two!

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