Saturday, 13 February 2016


It was a beautiful sun filled day yesterday...and I swam.
There are three pools here and only one of them is heated but I'd forgotten which one so naturally I chose the cold one to start with!
It was fine though as I swam right round it and into the next one under a small bridge remembering the moment years ago when I had surfaced to hear a voice saying,
"Well I never thought we'd see Jean in a swimming costume!" It was the voice of a frequent church goer I'd only ever met fully robed!
It's odd how coincidences follow me because later in the day I met two friends from the same village both church goers who I see regularly in the congregation.....the world suddenly got much smaller!
The forecast for today's weather suggests more sun may be on its way so they too may yet see me in a swimming costume! We are all going home on the same day so the next week could be interesting!
The lady I missed seeing here on New Years Eve is also still here so I intend to get in touch as soon I've settled into some sort of routine....
If anyone else I know turns up I shall start to think that something weird is going on..and just now I have no wish to do weird...
Let's keep it simple Lord!
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