Thursday, 4 February 2016

Distant relations.

I am having a grandchild week!
Various appendages have been in touch..not least my granddaughter Megan whose birthday is coming up. I have also had letters from my grandson asking for news of his Grandad and I regret that I hadn't told him that David had died...
Now I am a seriously old woman I am finding it hard to keep up with all the various relations both step and blood scattered around the country..left behind as I worked my way through all the griefs and set backs I have encountered at various times of my life so I am glad to have emails from some of them telling me what they are up to!
Megan is simply wonderful!
She is training to be a paramedic having already got her degree and qualified to drive ambulances...
I know the dedication this needs and I am proud of her.
I know the others are doing worth while things too but now both of my children have gone aloft there is no one to keep me in regular touch with their progress...addresses became redundant some time ago!
I am in touch with my brothers child and she has been to see me here....
For the rest, there are too many step as well as blood relations...I am always glad to hear from them but my involvement with people in the parish, church and school means that I mostly never think about them unless I get a nudge of some kind...
I regret to say that this suits me! I've never done a count of all the various offspring I am related to either by marriage or blood but there's too many to worry about! Plus my memory's not what it was!
Old age has crept up on me....I'm not yet completely feeble but flagging energy means that dealing with teenage angst is just too draining for the most part!
I am content!

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