Sunday, 21 February 2016

Eaten alive!

Yesterday's lunch was excellent once I'd recovered!
I had come over all unnecessary on going in and finding myself seated by tanks full of poor trapped crustaceans.
I watched a poor lobster wave at an equally imprisoned crab! The crab was having non of it and promptly moved stage right.
The lobster followed. It was hard to work out if they loved each other really because the crab then took up his position ontop of another of its species....
I knew such imprisoned meals existed in lonely tanks in fish restaurants but I'd never been in such close proximity.
I felt the way during lunch as I had in Sri Lanka about the plight of the women . I needed to start a freedom party!
Worse followed. I ordered fish soup. My friend had oysters.
The oysters were kept in a tank near the lobsters. They were prized open and put on an ice filled plate . I questioned the entire process.
He tucked in with vigour after telling me that of course they were alive. If they were not alive they could kill us!
Well! It's not that my oyster eating is an habitual thing but now I know they are alive at the time of consumption it seems unlikely that I'll ever eat another one!
I could even start an oyster relief group!
"No more being eaten alive! At least have the courtesy of cooking us first!
It doesn't have a ring to it but you get the message!

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  1. Mmm - I understand how you feel. I see the point of having live ingredients in fish tanks in restaurants - at least that can reassure you the fish, crustacea etc. are fresh, but I would draw the line at eating them alive. Every summer I visit a mountain alm in Austria where I eat fresh trout which are kept in an outdoor pool. I watch the cook fish out a trout for me, bang it on the head to kill it swiftly, then take it into the kitchen to gut and cook it. It's presented to me within 10 minutes of watching it swim its last. That's OK for me - but not what you have described here.