Sunday, 7 February 2016

Flying off!

I've done the eight o'clock communion, had my coffee and am now back home.
Today I have to get even more ducks in a row than usual!
I am being picked up in the middle of the night to get to the airport. I am flying out to Madeira at an un godly hour tomorrow!
David and I bought our time share out there when we were first married. It is very beautiful and at this time of the year will still be warm mostly!
We only bought one week so I put last years week together with this years week to make the flight worth while! Two weeks in gentle sun has got to be better than windy wet Britain!
This means my blogging may be rather unreliable. Don't worry if it fails to appear...with any luck it should mean that I'm enjoying myself.
Ash Wednesday will be interesting.
On my first stay in Funchal, before I had met David I spent a couple of weeks in the company of a retired Catholic priest . Titan put us together and we got on well! He took me to the Cathedral to take communion and I have continued this in the spirit of "when in Rome" So I will be going to the cathedral on Ash Wednesday.
I have a friend in Funchal who I will see as well and one of my parishioners will also be this time I won't be lonely!
Today is then a packing and sorting out's also a checking day! I am always convinced that I've forgotten something. My passport has been checked twice already!
Neurosis is alive and well and living in Cornwall!

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  1. A couple of friends from this congregation are currently in Madeira and have been there previously. It seems to offer the kind of gentle relaxation that older people most enjoy.
    I hope all goes well with your journey and that you come back restored (and hopefully bring some good weather back with you). :-)

    1. Thank you is very beautiful...Spring flowers will be out and it is quiet....not like some of the places in the Canary's. I shall be able to relax!

  2. Enjoy your visit, look forward to reading about it.
    I guess you won't be doing any Levada walks :-) , or am I underestimating you vigour?

  3. I hope that you enjoy your break. I can't believe that it's seven years since we were there. We loved it and would love to go back, but commitments here prevent that for the time being. :(