Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Just flying.

I am in an aeroplane. It is as far away from a Cunard cruise as it's possible to get!
I was picked up prompt at three am and got to the airport in plenty of time. Getting onto the plane was the usual crush of people all trying to get into their seats. So I joined in!
It is not particularly comfy but for a short flight it will do!
The only interesting thing so far was when I was on the bus taking me to the plane. My Apple Watch pinged and a message appeared on it telling me it was time to go to gate 13!
It appeared not to know I'd already passed through that portal!
I have had a cup of hot chocolate and a muffin...
I've stretched my legs up and down the aisle.
The sun is shining in Funchal and I have seen several familiar faces though I have failed to identify their owners!
My friend is sitting a few yards behind me because we booked our seats separately so I have no idea how he is coping but I imagine that he will be even less impressed than I am!
My young taxi man has asked me to marry him! To his girl friend I hasten to add!
It'll be time to get my diary out when I get home!
When I left home the wind was battering the house and garden. The rain joined in too so I am looking forward to the warmth they have promised for Madeira...and I shall have two weeks before I have to fly again!
But next time I shall at least have had a nights sleep first!
I wrote that yesterday and have now got the password for the Internet!
The sun is up!

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