Friday, 25 March 2016

A Vanstone Easter.

There has never been a Good Friday when I didn't remember Bill Vanstone.
In the first year of his ministry at Kirkholt he introduced us all to his way of conducting this most solemn of days.
On Good Friday we had the three hour watch which was tasking in every way. We were told that we didn't have to stay for the whole three hours but I mostly did.
When I said that at my previous church we had always walked on Good Friday Bill instantly proposed a walk on Easter Saturday instead.
Every year he had a large painful carbuncle on his neck but it never slowed him down. He strode out through nearby moorland with great vigour. He was still in his early thirties.
Easter Sunday was just glorious. Our little church hall was filled with flowers and we celebrated with real joy the risen Christ.
No Easter since has had so much meaning but his legacy remains.
I will keep my own solemn watch and be grateful for all the dear memories.
Thank you God.

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