Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The news that this present government is set to make all schools academies
is scary!
To force schools into a course of action they do not want is guaranteed to alienate teachers and parents who have had years to consider this course of action and have rejected it.
Bribes were offered in the shape of initial payments. These got less over time.
Schools were left wondering if all the other benefits would also disappear at some stage in the future.
Most schools have now had many discussions on this subject and it can be I think safely assumed that those who have not chosen to leave the LEA's have made this decision after much discussion and soul searching.
So it is decided that they will now have no choice!
This is a strange autocratic decision. The vast majority of schools have made their own choices to stay as they were...this is the nature of democratic going to be denied.
Unhappy teachers are leaving the profession they loved. The various syllabuses imposed on them are making the work of teachers untenable. In primary schools two syllabuses are operating at the same time imposed by Whitehall in a frenzy of authoritarian zeal.
There is no time to explore the esoteric , the beautiful , the imaginative. Data is the key word of the day....statistics for every child and every subject have to be noted daily!
If I was still teaching I would have resigned by now. It is no longer the profession I loved dearly.

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