Tuesday, 29 March 2016

After the storm!

Having looked at lots of pictures and video clips of the aftermath of storm Kate I have drawn the conclusion that just this once we got off lightly compared to most.
Trees down across roads, electricity lines down , homes without power...it's all very scary...but not apparently here!
I slept right through the storm the night before last and only found one small bench turned over when I walked up the garden!
I think the bottom line here may be that we are used to giant hands pushing us around. Getting knocked over, being squashed against my garden gate , struggling with the dustbins are all regular parts of my life up here on a cliff in Cornwall!
I have now checked to see if the roof tiles are still in place....they are!
My internet connection has been shaken around a bit....but it's still ok mostly.
The siege mentality is ever present here...and on the whole we survive!
I do feel dreadfully sorry for those who are now setting out to put everything right!
And for those hurt by it all! It's was not a good end to the Easter weekend.
This morning I will venture down into the village. I was told yesterday that the visitors had arrived in great numbers which is good...but I may have to leave my car in the car park which I rarely do normally!
We have been fortunate this time....thank you God!
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