Friday, 4 March 2016

Chaos and madness!

Are we mad? Are we happy to go on creating chaos as we go regardless of the situation in the rest of the world?
In this time of fear and chaos in the Middle East where thousands of people are fleeing from repressive regimes and creating unstable conditions in various countries, close to home, this is the moment when we are asked to vote on our future in the European Union.
I listen to all the voices forecasting doom and gloom if we leave and more voices promising heaven if we stay and the conviction grows that surely this should be a time for being united.
Whatever we think of being part of a larger group of countries with all its diverse members it seems a peculiar stupidity to even contemplate the shake up that us leaving our European partners would make.
In simple terms it may be the best thing for us....but right now?
When half the world is already in a state of apprehension of what is being shown on our screens daily?
This should surely be a time for resolute friendship, for maintaining the status quo in the face of massive change already happening close to home.
I am not banging the drum for staying in Europe. I honestly don't know if it would be a good or bad thing....but now is not the time for our small country to be broken by separate groups promising motherhood and apple pie for all if we either go or stay inside the union.
Some small part of our world needs to be showing brotherly love. And yet each day the voices for change get stronger and more determined.
And we are only at the beginning of this campaign....we have months of argument yet to endure!
I repeat....have we actually gone mad?

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  1. Leaving the EU would be a leap of faith - like bungee jumping.

    But WITHOUT the benefit of a bungee.

    IN. IN. IN.

    Just saying :-)

    1. I think I agree Bob but it's the timing which bothers me...on top of everything else that's going on in the world it can only contribute to th chaos!

  2. Whenever it is held, it will never b the "right time" for some valid reason. It does need to be addressed sooner rather than later, and I do sincerely hope the electorate in the UK make the correct decision.