Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Eve.

I travel home again today. So naturally the weather has turned horrid. The flat sea outside has little white horses on it and the great ancient cedar tree outside is groaning in the effort to stay upright.
The journey home is only about two hours depending on how many other people are on the road!
Before leaving home I arranged a Tesco shop for late afternoon so I won't go hungry before going to bed early to be up in time to do the eight am communion.
As the clocks will go forward tonight this will be more like the seven o clock communion.
But it will still be a great joy to do the Easter Sunday service.
Easter Eve is one of those non days when we are just waiting for something to happen.
In Cornwall there is a Son Rise service on a local beach. Apparently it gets a lot of people but I have never made it.
I have enjoyed my visit to Devon. I hope to come again. God willing.

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