Sunday, 13 March 2016

Getting the ancient on line!

It has taken a flurry of emails last night and very early this morning to get the hymns sorted out for today. Weird but I am really appreciating the immediacy of email!
To lie in bed tapping out a message to colleagues which are instantly received and replied to is simply wonderful...
One of my friends who is deaf and is unable to use the phone relies on the internet completely now in her old age.
Another friend not yet introduced to this wonderful means of communication has finally declared that it's time he learned to use it!
Getting all the paraphernalia together , explaining to the uninitiated about service providers etc makes it sound very complicated when it really is not!
Shopping on line is for me a life line. I get books, films, shoes and clothes as well as groceries...I have even booked my various cruises etc on is much too easy!
The essentials of rural life are all delivered to my isolated door! The friend who stayed for a few days last week saw how easy it all was and finally converted to it in thought sooner than deed!
Getting an iPad is easy. Installing a router might prove a step too far...but I am happy to try to give it a go because it does make life much perseverance is worth it .
The old are not in any way dim. People see a person with weak legs, dimmed eyesight or hearing and mentally assess them as past it!
In some cases that could be true but most of us have learned to fight back.
I blog for instance.. Using the resources open to me now seems simple common sense so now, I am also a sort of missionary to those who are internet deprived. If I can do can't be terribly hard.
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