Monday, 14 March 2016

Meeting clash.

I have a meeting this morning at ten am. Yesterday I settled down to doing a food shop and in a moment of total memory fail booked it for ten/ eleven!
At least I remembered in time to try to do something about it!
In the event it proved remarkably easy!
Delving through all the nitty gritty, the arcane details of on line shopping I finally found a phone number.
"Ring us" it said.....
Full of deep foreboding about talking to someone from outer space I rang the number praying it would be answered by a person who spoke English!
I was in luck. A charming man from Ireland chatted to me, organised a new time for the delivery and made it a pleasant experience!
We enthused on all things Celtic before he left and email,appeared with the new delivery time confirmed! Magic!
I had not expected it to be so easy!
I had toyed with various other solutions before ringing the number.....just missing the meeting, rearranging everything else, leaving my cleaner to take the delivery mind had whirled through lots of solutions.
In the event it was fixed. I can now go to my meeting!
So it's not all good news....I hate meetings!
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