Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Modern communications.

I have been on the net since 1997. It was a lifeline after my husband died.
At first it was puzzling , scary at times and sometimes very annoying but slowly , getting to grips with it it proved a lifeline, both in companionship with people only met in chat rooms and then Twitter and Facebook!
I have advised several of my elderly friends to get iPads or laptops in order to learn its arcane arts!
I once ran an impromptu class in my sitting room attended by about ten ancients determined to master this arcane process!
We laughed a lot but for some of them, particularly the deaf it has proved a lifeline essential to their daily lives!
Then there are those for whom not joining the digital revolution has become a sort of honour.
"Oh I don't do any of that ! " followed by an indignant snort is a frequently found attitude in the elderly or those determined not to succumb!
So I have recently found this attitude in a new friend a bit of a puzzle in someone of obvious intelligence.
He has refused my offer of tuition on an old iPad with indignation.
So yesterday was an eye opening moment!
I had explained that I was staying in to be here for a delivery of my grocery...
He was interested. Did I not need to go to the shop?
No I replied.....and went on to explain that I could do a weeks shop in about ten minutes which would be brought into my kitchen the following day from a large van!
A little while later he rang me back to say that he was going to order his grocery over the phone!
I was interested....phone ordering does still take place in some of our rural villages..
I tried to explain that the larger stores might not do things this way and that it might be the time to get a lap top and join the human race!
The snort was a very defiant sound. He was not budging on that one.
We left the subject alone. It was safer. I imagine that someone from the big stores will explain to my friend that ringing in with a shopping list might not be a practical,solution.
We Iive in interesting times but I am grateful for my easy shopping access...it makes life interesting and even stimulating for us ancients!

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