Sunday, 20 March 2016

Party politics

This is a sentence I never thought to write but I am feeling very sorry for David Cameron!
The infighting apparent in the Conservative party is actually quite scary. Does anyone believe that Mr Duncan Smith has resigned over the cuts to disability allowances?
Given the fact that he has presided over similar cuts himself it's hard to believe the indignation aired on the media yesterday.
The number of people queuing up to take lumps out of our Prime minister is extraordinary.
Several motives for falling out with their leader are emerging.
Getting out of Europe is only one strand. Who is going to be the next leader of the party is another.
At this point of global unrest, to see this infighting explode all over the Sunday papers is actually worrying.
The timing of the vote to leave Europe is not means that at a time of global unrest when big decisions have to be made about migrants and fighting IS , securing our borders and being vigilant about any possible terror attacks we have the spectacle of ambitious men fighting to lead their party.
Jeremy Corbin must be delighted!
The rest of the country are watching , fascinated by the cracks in solidarity becoming apparent daily.
The people now rushing around trying to convince us that they are good chaps really is unconvincing...
A bit of dignity is called for even if solidarity is out!

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